What does Rush offer?

Levels 1-6, Full year teams, Half year teams, Travel and Non-travel teams, 6-9 Competitions, 2 team practices a week, 1 appropriate tumbling class a week, Choreography camps, fun team bonding events and more!

Who can tryout for a team?

Ages 3-18 years old, no experience needed, and our certified coaches will teach you everything you need to know!

Financing Opportunities?

Booster Club events, Sponsorships, Paypal Program, Travel expense Program, Scholarship Program and more!

We take pride in:

Preparing our athletes to cheer in college, team work, leadership skills, growth, accountability, State Champs, National Champs and D2 Summit bids!

Year 12 Eval Link

Contact Coach Vig/Kelly @ 352-243-2800 or rushallstars@aol.com Or check out our Facebook page…RushAllstars for up to date info!